Shopping engine Footmall expands to Norway

19 Jun 2014

E-commerce is growing as more and more people prefer to shop online. This lays the foundation for shopping engines to grow, and simplifies the shopping process for consumers. One of them is Footmall, which gathers web shops in one place and is now expanding to Norway. The shopping engine can be found here:, and will be operated by Footmall Norden AB.

“Feedback from the Swedish market has been very positive. We now look forward to simplifying the shopping process for all smart consumers in our neighbor country Norway,” says Joacim Gustafsson, one of the founders of Footmall Norden AB.

Footmall collects and compares almost 100, 000 shoes from 16 familiar web shops. For example, Nelly, Ellos, Brandos, Zalando and Footway. This gives the consumer an opportunity to easily find the right pair of shoes at the best price. Today it is very common that a purchase online is preceded by research through search engines and comparison web sites. This has made shopping engines such as Footmall a common part of the online shopping process.

“We strive to become the leading shopping engine for shoes in Scandinavia, so this expansion is a natural step to fulfill our goal,” Joacim ends.

Footmall Norden AB develops and operates shopping engines. The Company was founded in Nässjö 2013 and is owned by Alexander Cederblad, Emil Svensson and Joacim Gustafsson, all being 22 years of age. The company has developed the shopping engine which is a shopping engine for shoes. Footmall streamlines the shopping process by gathering the best and greatest selection of shoes in one single place.

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Footmall aim to ease shopping online

21 Feb 2015

Today is the official launch date of, a shopping engine for shoes that collects all web shops in once place. Footmall goes beyond being just a run of the mill price comparison website, and will additionally function as an online shopping mall. This enables direct filtering and a smooth shopping process.

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